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Sabtu, 03 September 2011

I got mine

I believe each and every one of us familiar with this word "Life is a struggle".

We may born in wealthy rich family nor we may come from poor family, but life does not care about that, life judge your struggles to have it or maintain it.

Life awarded to whom willing to sacrifice their times and energy in every aspect of life. First step for act is always a challenge, we filled our head with those sweet dream but when about to synchronize its to reality.... hahaha LoL

Base on my experience, my father can place me in any job position as a government employee in Papua, however I chose to pursuit my own dream in Jakarta, starting as sales has teaches me a lot to mantain positive attitude. Worked in 6 different company before taught me so much about variety of skills. I graduated from unfamiliar college and work hard to show company that I have capabilities as qualified as others who's graduated from famous familiar college.

Put Jesus first in my every battle, faith faith faith that for each drop of my tears and sweat shall noy wasted.
Life answered me with new opportunity to joint in one of large and known company, something that i never hope will happen, and it did, mighty Jesus.

So, i believed for everything that we put God first, efforts, and willing to open for criticized also kept it as positive encouragement will droves us high even more than our dream in first place.

Dream dream dream dream
Beautiful dream
Highest effort
Never give up when reality its shown the opposite of it
When every person around you doesn't trust it
When challenge after challenge keep block you away, believe that phase after phase you will find your dream hide and wait for you to open.

Dedicated to whom that stand and struggle for their dream, life will not disappointed.

By Lia Nauw "Tambraw Forever"
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