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Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

Facebook Love

Facebook love

Facebook love

Start from added me to U're friends list.. we got to see each other status

even comment or like each other status....

You start to dig a little bit more

With chat on messenger.... nonsense talks, by just saying hi...

Annoying at first but tempting

After a while, I drowned my self with let u enter....

Then my phone number is your next move... I couldn't resist your charming

Calling me, talk with me trough phone, the sound of yout voice

The tone of your voice... I kind of like that though...

Silently miss your phone call

Hate when u didn't call

I know nothing about you

Your real name, who really you is... still I kept as mystery, not know when to or how to ask

All I know

I kinda like you

I kinda miss you

I don't want the Facebook love ended 

And afraid if someday we meet in person...are we will happily smile or sadly disappointed is this feeling will frozen or melting...


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