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Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

second chance

When you has done everything right, when you has completed all the tasks, when you has spare all the time for that one moment, when you has fight all the challenges, when you has put everything right where its need... and one special moment that you have been waiting for, working for, hoping for, praying for seems to fade away but you keeps put your faith in it... until times show you that it is not for you to have right now.... what are you going to tells your self about that, how you going to convince your self about that... because it's hurt you deep, it's broke you apart to the level that you hatea for makes your self believe it at first place.

Then there is another window open for you, but you did not move, you just staring and questioning... not because you don't like that but it simply because you stuck with that other window that let you down... not because that window is small it's simply because you just couldn't let go the other ones.

Times goes by... u enter the other new window with high hope that this is your time... this is your moment for sure... you work really hard to show your dedication, loyalty and finaly it wave your efforts... you start to enjoy the rhyme and makes your self deserves.
Suddenly... out of nowhere, the ghost that makes your life miserable is reach you to come back and bring more to offer... the scarf is wide open, you asking your self is this my second chance?? Should I embark this road again?? Should I let my self feel it again?? It's so tempting.

In all of your doubting, you tell your self... just try it... just do it.. no matter if it's hurt you again, no matter how much pain it's cause at least you over your chance.... at least you push your self to limits.... because it's all about the process and only process that matter. Result only a rewarding. Result only a gitf. Like a flowers only can blossom bright and beautiful if it's grow properly and supposedly.

Do not involving doubts and fears, when you face your opportunity cause it can only hold you back from becoming who you really are

Salam Lia Tambraw.
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