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Selasa, 14 Juli 2009


Feelings by Lia

how hard am i to divine u
how blind am i to see u
how greed am i to have u

i am so blind did not try to understand what u want when face all option
i am so hard want to shape u in a pieces coz u like a mountain
i am so lazy to put u in one formation.. coz
u always change a lot to innovate your choices
i am so greed to grab u only in my hand .. but what did i get??
u like a sand in hand will sizzling trough my finger then leave me with an empty hand

help me to united with your integrity to find the real me
help me to shared u so i can understand others

finally by that we could get to know each other a little deep more
finally by that original of us stayed without others influence

it's a free thing but need whole life to to keep learning
every human has feelings that can make them put a standard to their own self
every feelings has human to growth in it
with feelings we could recognize what is Zero
with feelings we could recognize what is Hero


by: Lia Nauw (Tambraw Forever)

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